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Nikon D4 Reviews – Opinion

April 9th, 2012 · 1 Comment · Adobe Photoshop & the Art of Photography, Irreverent photo tool of the month, Irreverent Photo Tool of the Week, Irreverent Photo Tools for Digital Photographers, Nikon, Nikon D4, On Convergence, Photography, Reviews, Technology

I’m totally bemused reading some of the reviews of the Nikon D4 that suggest the camera is “not worth it” or “not a worthy upgrade”. Anyone that has ever had to pay the rent with their photography knows the value of top notch equipment. The D4 shoots nearly a 50MB (8 bit) file and that is Getty Images size requirement. (OK, the D4 shoots a 46.2MB file specifically, but that’s mincing a few pixels.) That is amply perfect for a 2-page spread.

The D3s did not have this coverage without a fair amount of resampled (interpolated) pixels – 4,110,848 new interpolated pixels to be exact. If all a photographer needs is a 12MB file then it is universally acceptable that a D3s is suitable. But for anyone that needs to cover a 2-page spread (standard for a professional advertising or editorial photographer)and/or shoots for Getty Images, having a camera with the high ISO quality of the D3s, with the un-interpolated size of a 2-page spread, and meeting that 50MB Getty threshold (albeit with a bare, less than 10%, bit of interpolation) is the bees knees.

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  • 1 topher // Apr 12, 2012 at 9:13 am

    I’m with you – I make a living with my Nikon gear and not only is the image size from the D4 perfect for 99% of my sales, the focus system is vastly superior to the D3s for action sports. For the trickiest subjects, I’m getting twice as many in focus images as I did with the D3s. The 3d focus tracking is scary good.

    I’m trying to look at all the negative press as a good thing – less of my competitors are going to buy one!