History of men’s fashion

A lot happened in 1900 including technological advances, catastrophes and major events that changed the world. The origin and history of men’s fashion could too be traced from the same period. It is from 1900 that a lot happened that changed the course of menswear. The rise in popularity of automobiles began the craze for ‘travel suits’. This specific type of suit was not manufactured for women as men believed that it would challenge their authority within society and women needed to remain inferior in comparison. Also, post-civil war in America saw the immense improvement of tailoring and grooming which introduced more variety to general attire.

Before World War I clothing was exaggerated and pretentious and men’s fashion was imperative for showing importance within society. Sack coats were becoming more popular and three-piece suits were a day-time choice of apparel. For the higher class men who participated in sporting activities such as golf and hunting, they generally wore a tweed Norfolk jacket and matching breeches.

Young men tended to wear three-piece suits with slim fitting pants, which are fairly popular in the modern day. As grooming was more popular men’s hair was generally cut short, beards were less pointed and their mustaches were curled. Top hats, canes and straw hats were extremely popular accessories to be sported by the typical men along with bowler hats. Having smart shoes was a must and men were seen wearing lace up boots and the introduction to oxford shoes was a great time for fashion – and they are still extremely popular today.

The Edwardian era brought many fashion advances as wealthy men became more involved in sports thus adding a need to provide more flexible clothes for their leisure activities. Baggier suits were introduced and more practical clothing which was just the start of more practical clothing after the First World War.

Some of the men’s fashion which was present in the Edwardian era is still apparent today but they are more modernized. Fashion recycles itself and glimpses of the typical Edwardian men are being seen within current fashion, although today they are not designed and manufactured to promote wealth and class.

Some of the fashion trends are so popular and classic that they remain in fashion forever. These fashion trends, for instance include black satin dress and black leather bags for women, while for men they may include accessories such as ties and black belts. One most important fashion trend which has been immensely popular from 50’s through to the 80’s and has made a comeback now in recent years in that of a skinny black tie. This tie has made a comeback with Hollywood stars preferring to wear them at award functions, and as these stars are looked up for fashion and style, many fashionable men around have started following them for this trend.

Finally skinny neckties have stepped into fashion again and so there are many Hollywood stars, who are seen wearing them to award shows and for TV interviews. No matter what, but there is always something special about these skinny neckties which make the men look more classic and decent.





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